Going Home


Going Home is a story of transformation and courage, of personal challenges and strength.  It is the story of the resiliency of the human spirit, revealed through the lens of our homelessness crisis.

Told through raw, stripped down interviews, this film will make you examine your own life and how you view the discarded. 

In making this film, we set out to cast a spotlight on their spirit. As we get to know them, our humanity awakens, and we open to the immense power of compassion.



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About the Film

Created in cooperation with St. Joseph Center in Venice, CA, our all-volunteer crew came together to tell the stories of four remarkable individuals living homeless.

These intimate stories allow viewers to see a different side of homelessness, and come away with a renewed perspective. 

1 studio, 20 crew members, six cameras, four people living homeless. 

One day.

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