With Gratitude

Because of Kickstarter’s recent practice of union busting, we have cancelled our current campaign and will be relaunching on a different platform.

Kickstarter Contributors

Thank you for caring! Please join us again on our new crowdfunding platform TBD.

  • Brandy Nightingale
  • Elizabeth Kay Bull Danielson
  • Rachael Myrow
  • Dorian Maras
  • Sabrina Maras
  • Christine Moore
  • Rui Lund
  • Annette McCall
  • Jim Stinnett
  • Nina Martin-Smith
  • Natelle Carlino
  • Claire Martin-Park
  • Paul Aglione
  • Penelope Cabot

In-Kind Support

Thank you for bringing your unstoppable talents to this project. We couldn’t have created it without you.


  • Tricia Mulgrew, Producer
  • John Parenteau, Director of Photography
  • Emy Reynolds, Composer
  • Michael Callender, Original Music
  • Daphne Teng, First Assistant Director
  • Kris Krengel, Second Assistant Director
  • Tallal Dahar, Second Camera
  • Robert Merrill, Still Photographer
  • Kailee Morre, EPK Photographer
  • Keith Gruchala, Additional Photography
  • Bruce Branit, Gaffer
  • Maggie Jones-Parenteau, Grip
  • Jodi Brandt, Wardrobe
  • Shanna Jacobs, Assistant Wardrobe
  • Tamra Hernandez, Makeup
  • Elizabeth Tiku, Hair
  • Mandalyn Forbes, Talent Wrangler
  • Manasi Patel, Production Assistant
  • Renee Colette, Production Assistant
  • Eileen Chase, Production Assistant
  • Tom Capizzi, Digital Artist
  • DEVA STUDIOS, Titles
  • SPECIAL THANKSPaul Aglione and St. Joseph’s Center,  Derrick Mitchell, Kathy and Ken Morre, Ron Moseley, Rachael Myrow, Brandy Nightingale, Jacques Pugh, H. Dwight Raymond, Shirley and Ken Sale, Jacques Thelemaque and Filmmakers Alliance, Adam Khalid and Rock Solid, Michael Cremean and Quadshot