Our Stars

Lynda, the bright spirit

“They stereotype you and everybody’s the same. They don’t see you, as a person. All they see is you being homeless.”

Michael, the artist

“How do you not know this is happening? This happens every day. It’s just a lot of people don’t wear it. You can’t tell what they’re going through.”

Curtis, the teacher

“I’d like to see people lessen some of their karma by loving and not judging – by helping other souls. We can’t really judge them. You never know what happened.”

Walter, the activist

“You get up, you start over, you keep going. You have to – life is that.”

Shoot Photos

The Filmmakers

Alessandra Carlino, Producer/Director/Editor

A multi-hyphenate creative, Alessa got her start producing underground concerts at just 15 years old, and from there her career has spanned several decades, encompassing work in both production and post-production

Her credits include the feature films Straw Dogs, Think Like A Man, Elf, Around The World in 80 Days, Jimmy Neutron,  Godzilla, Elf, End of Days, and Charlotte’s Web, music videos by Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Isaac Hayes, and commercial work for Cherry Coke and Burger King.

Deeply affected by the severe homelessness crisis in Los Angeles, and inspired by the opportunity to create solution-focused media, Carlino created Going Home in collaboration with St. Joseph Center, Venice, CA.

"Going Home comes from my own experience with homelessness. Along with the instability of not having a home, depression and poverty brought feelings of isolation and despair, feelings our unhoused neighbors live with every day. But that is not the entirety of who they are. In making this film, we set out to cast a spotlight on their spirit. As we get to know them, our humanity awakens, and we open to the immense power of compassion. I’m excited by the opportunity to create solution-focused media that has real-world significance. Let’s go home. Humanity awaits…"

Tricia Mulgrew, Producer

With over 25 years of experience in the visual effects industry for feature films, Tricia Mulgrew, has been exposed to and collaborated with some of the greatest creative minds. 

From her experiences and travels around the globe, she is taking her talents and applying them towards producing content that hits straight to one’s core and true essence; with the main purpose of affecting change. 

John Parenteau, Director of Photography

John’s entertainment career spans over thirty years during which he has worked in nearly every aspect of filmmaking, including cinematography, visual effects, writing, producing, and directing.

With the unique skillset that allows him to bridge the creative and business arenas, John has both managed companies as well as led artistic teams.

He won an Emmy Award in 1995 for his work on Star Trek: Voyager, and has supervised or produced visual effects on such wide ranging projects as Hunger Games, Oceans 8 and Iron Man.

Emy Reynolds, Composer

Emy Reynolds started touring the country at 18 as a singer songwriter for her self-titled band Emy Reynolds Band, later renamed Elkke.

During her time as a touring musician and songwriter, her songs were featured on television shows and commercials.  Seeing her songs in a visual context drove her to pursue music storytelling in film.

Having an uncommon background as a touring musician, Emy has a unique sound and perspective that allows her to make people feel and connect through music in film.